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The Zocco Agricultural Company was born in Sicily in the immediate post-war period under the management of the grandfather Salvatore. At the time, the main production of the company consisted of citrus plants and oil olives, typical cultivars rigorously from the area of ​​Francofonte (SR). From generation to generation the Zocco Agricultural Company expanded thanks to the purchase of new land in the area of ​​Lentini (SR), in which new types of citrus were inserted.
Arriving to the present day, the tradition continues and improves day by day thanks to the love and the profuse work in our lands that have been awarded the IGP Arancia Rossa di Sicilia for some years. Furthermore, we have made the decision to go beyond the wholesale of our products, starting the transformation of the fruits of our lands.
Our current production includes:
Orange jam. An "integral" orange marmalade, made from the processing of various cultivars including IGP red oranges and blond oranges that are rigorously hand-picked and selected from the first choice. We like to call it integral because cooking takes place with pulp juice seeds and part of peel.
Lemon jam with orange blossom and ginger. A jam made from the processing of a very popular cultivar of lemons such as the Syracuse Syracus (juicy, fragrant and not too sour) which is accompanied by the sweetness of orange blossom honey and ginger. In fact, inside our lands there are bee beehives that feeding on the flowers of our trees allow us to keep the plants clean. The honey thus produced is simply centrifuged.
Mandarine marmalade. From our land, small mandarin trees grow next to the oranges as younger brothers. Same process as orange marmalade, hand-picked and carefully processed using 70% of the peel.
Grape jam. In collaboration with the Winery Cristaudo, located in the Etna park in the municipality of Trecastagni (CT), we have created a very good grape jam made by selecting the best bunches of nerello cappuccio production in the company.


Alessandro Zocco



Production and marketing of fruit, jams and olive oil.


contrada costa saracena castelluccio

Augusta, Italy, Sr

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