Tarocco Oranges

available from December to April
The red orange grows in a typical area of ​​eastern Sicily. Only in this area, the special nature of the soil and the excellent local climate give the citrus its characteristic of red pigmentation. Studies have shown that red orange is extremely rich in vitamin C, the vitamin that promotes bone development, stimulates growth, resists infection and strengthens the defenses of the immune system. The typical tarot of the Francofonte area is the best of the Mediterranean oranges. The characteristic area due to its hillside location and the climate suitable for this type of production make the Francofonte Tarocco the best and most genuine red orange in the world.

Tarocco Ovale

available from March to June
The citrus fruit called "ovale or calabrese" is an ancient variety of the finest blond orange, little known and little commercialized due to the high cost of production.
The fruit lends itself to all uses as table fruit, for juices, in the preparation of sweets, jams, candied fruits, etc ...; in the vast majority it is medium-sized (130-200 grams from cal. 160 to cal 108), with an elongated oval shape with a slightly furrowed base (fruit subjected to greening).
The peel varies from yellow to golden orange, with a medium thin thickness, with medium-fine grain. The flesh is light orange, very compact, characterized by a sweet and pleasant, juicy, seedless taste.


available from December to April
Small oranges, slightly flattened, have a wrinkled and very fragrant peel. The taste is pleasant, thanks to the higher sugar content than other citrus fruits.


Production and marketing of fruit, jams and olive oil.


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